It was 1865, the last year of the Civil War, when the first Miller started the Amherst farm now known as Miller Orchards. Miller’s Apple Hill was later added to the family holdings. Today, Roger Miller, along with his wife, Jenny, and brother and sister-in-law, David and Sandy Miller, run the two orchards and retail markets with the help of Roger and Jenny’s four kids. They sell to local schools, grocers, farmers’ markets and Oberlin College, and through other channels. The family also hosts pick-your-own seasonal cherry and apple harvests and fall festivals. Visit and

Pick Your Produce

The Millers sell a whole lot of apples, but they also sell peaches, plums, pears, cherries, pumpkins, corn and soybeans. Produce is grown on 80 acres, which also house some cattle. Pick-your-own cherry harvesting runs in June, and apples are sold through fall. Different varieties harvest at different times. “We’ve got a seasonal retail market at Miller’s Orchard and a year-round bulk food store at Apple Hill. We also sell a lot of apple cider.”

Different Apples, Different Growing Seasons

The Lodi apple harvests in early July, and the Pink Lady crop is picked last in early November. “Then we’re sorting apples all winter long for cold storage.”

For the Love of Apples

The orchards produces 30 varieties of apples, and Miller says they all taste different. He lists Zestar, Honey Crisp, Macintosh and Pink Lady as some of his favorites. But he adds that he can drink apple cider all year long. “We used to have our own cider press, but now we buy wholesale and sell it in our markets.”

Celebrate the Season

Autumn is the season most associated with apples, so the Millers make it special. “Through October at Miller’s Apple Hill, we’ve got Pumpkin Land.” The event includes hay wagon rides to the orchard, scarecrows, a couple of hay mazes and farm animals. “With school and scout tours, there’s always something going on around here.”