Petitti Garden Center
Petitti’s departments range from pottery to floral services. Drop by the nearest location to speak with an expert or become a Reward Member and receive the center’s magazine for additional ideas and information. Look for: Outdoor living staples and accessories to accentuate a cozy patio space or design a sprawling backyard paradise. 33777 Chester Road, Avon, 440-937-0690,

Pandy’s Premier Garden Center

Pandy’s Premier Garden Center opened a day early this March and is ready for a season of planting, mulching, landscaping and design. Don’t miss its seasonal festivals, including December’s Candy Cane festival and the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration. Look for: All the essential vegetable plants needed to begin an organic garden. 41600 Griswold Road, Elyria, 440-324-4314,

Green Circle Growers
The 105-acre greenhouse operation is committed to innovative and sustainable production methods. A supplier for area stores, including Wal-Mart, Home Depot and Sam’s Club, Green Circle Growers writes a weekly blog that shares gardening tips suited to current conditions in Northeast Ohio. Look for: Vibrant and lush phalaenopsis orchids that add flair to any foyer or patio. 15650 state Route 511, Oberlin, 440-775-1411,

Don Mould’s Plantation
From annual flats to unusual trees, the plant selection here is vast and varied. Fruit trees are ready for purchase, but customers can choose to leave them in the care of experts until the weather’s just right for planting. The Plantation offers gardening and birding classes throughout the growing season, ranging in topic from pruning techniques to creative ways for attracting birds. Look for: Unusual evergreen trees, including the Dragon Eye Pine, Austrian Compactia and the Weeping Evergreen. state routes 58 and 113, Amherst, 440-986-7777,


Northeast Ohio’s ability to fluctuate 30 degrees in 24 hours can upend even the most meticulous garden strategies. Noel Akin, director of communications and education for Petitti Garden Centers, suggests plants that are most likely to flourish in the region.

Russian Sage
Deer will avoid this sun-loving, aromatic perennial that thrives in any type of soil. Its silver foliage and electric-blue spires provide a burst of late-summer color.


This ornamental grass peaks at 18 inches. Green at its base with red tips, the deer-resistant perennial adds a spark to any garden.

Silver Mound
The low-growing Artemisia blankets the ground with its silvery-green foliage. Beautiful and resilient, Silver Mound won’t entice deer to nibble its foliage.

Raymond Evison developed a variety of clematis that offers the same exotic color of tropical plants with the ability to withstand harsher climates. The repeat bloomers showcase up to 12 weeks of color each season.

Knock Out Roses
Knock Out Roses are a great option for people who lack the time or ability to cultivate more traditional rosebushes. Resilient, disease-resistant and low-maintenance, they come in many colors.

Natives of the region, redbud trees flourish with little assistance. The Forest Pansy is petite, growing 15 to 20 feet in height and showcasing burgundy, heart-shaped leaves and fluorescent violent buds. Redbuds’ roots are not invasive, making it safe to plant near the house, though space is needed for their wide canopies.

Drift Roses
Similar to the Knock Out Roses, Drift Roses are a disease-resistant, repeat-blooming groundcover.