What hits you first as you pull onto Common Ground, nestled in Oberlin, is its sheer natural beauty. The Vermilion River runs through this wooded property that’s chirping with birds and teaming with animal life. 
The Canopy Tour opens up to seven ziplines soaring to 75 feet high. You’ll traverse 13 elevated tree platforms, three aerial bridges, two spiral staircases, a unique “floating” staircase and a final rappel at the end of the course.
Steve Schreiber, Canopy Tour manager, says it’s natural to have a healthy fear of heights. “Even our guides have a healthy fear of heights,” he says. “We have a very good success rate of helping people through any difficulties that they’re having, and by the final platform, they’re just cracking up and having a good time and feeling like it’s something that they’re really happy that they did.” 

What to know: Two tour guides will accompany you through the course, which takes about 2.5 hours for a group of eight people. 

»14240 Baird Road, Oberlin, 440-965-5551, commongroundcenter.org