Aside from its famous boneless ribs that you can eat with a knife and a fork, this Real Boneless Rib Loaded Baked Potato is the most popular menu item for dine in and catering at the one and only Bubba’s-Q in Avon. Brittani Bo Baker, daughter of founder Bubba Baker and second generation to run the family business as managing partner, breaks down the components and how they work together. 

820 Center Road, Avon, 440-937-7859,

Boneless ribs – “We are the only people on the planet that own the patent for boneless ribs so we like to incorporate them in recipes any chance we can,” says Baker. “Our ribs are seasoned with our family’s secret Southern dry rub recipe, slow-smoked and then put through our top-secret patented process where we remove the bones.” The ribs are then sauced and stuffed into a baked potato.

Barbecue sauce – “Our sauce is my family’s recipe, passed down from generations,” Baker says. “My dad grew up down South; that’s where he learned the barbecue business from his Daddy Jr. (Bubba’s uncle who had barbecue restaurants). But Bubba tailored his sauce to be more of a honey barbecue sauce instead.”

The potato – The base for all this goodness is a jumbo baked potato with a crispy seasoned outside and a fluffy center. 

Sour Cream – “We finish it off with a dollop of sour cream because sour cream and baked potatoes go together like peanut butter and jelly,” Baker says.

Cheese – Shredded 
daily by the block, extra-sharp cheddar is the go-
to cheese because it is full of flavor. “The already shredded cheddar doesn’t seem to taste as cheesy as the extra-sharp shredded by the block,” Baker says.