EVEN THOUGH TANNA TORKELSON, owner at Threads of Wellness, got her yoga license merely three years ago, it’s a practice about which she’s been passionate since she was 13. This, and her experience as a registered dietician, provides patrons of her studio with opportunities for body, mind and spiritual fulfillment.
“They build together so well,” Torkelson says. “You learn how to take care of yourself mindfully.”
Torkelson’s classes include yoga styles for all skill levels, of which one of the most unique is a 90-minute session held during the winter that includes heated eye pillows and weighted pads in an intimate, relaxing, candlelit atmosphere.
“When someone comes in, my goal is that they come back. I want everyone to have yoga,” she says. “I really try to connect with each student and make sure they’re comfortable and everyone feels at home.”
Torkelson also offers wellness workshops that teach participants how to make small lifestyle changes to improve their overall health, as well as nutritional consultations for those interested in a more in-depth look at how to make long-term, realistic changes to their diet. 
Earlier this year, Torkelson embarked on a new venture, yoga with goats, in cooperation with Downs on the Farm, an animal rescue sanctuary in Amherst. The class is a one-of-a-kind experience where people can practice yoga in a light-hearted, stress-free environment.
“Goats are very invasive of your personal space. They love affection and will jump on top of you,” Torkelson says, adding that their presence helps deflate the tension and self-consciousness some people feel when practicing yoga. “It just changes everything about a person’s mindset.”
Located in a temperature-controlled barn, the class begins with the introduction of seven Nigerian dwarf goats, ages two to four months old. The next hour is a free-for-all snuggle/giggle fest as these quirky babies crawl, hop, roll and lay all over the place. “They’re kind of a like a dog, very friendly and interactive,” Torkelson says. “You’d be surprised how many people love goats. It’s like Christmas for me every single class because people like it so much.”

1680 Cooper Foster Park Road, Lorain, 440-623-6246, threadsofwellness.com