With nearly 1,000 wine labels and 100 craft beers, the Wine Room in Avon is more than a destination for to-go adult beverages. A full bar with 12 craft beers on tap, it serves up an experience for those looking to sip something special and have some fun.  
How about a book with that wine? Twice a month, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, the Wine Room hosts a book club. Imbibers who love to read may be in heaven, says co-owner Pete Sandrev. “We actually talk about the book,” he says. “It’s a really engaging book club, so, anybody that’s out there looking for one, I’ll argue that ours is probably one of the best.” The hour-long discussions are paired best with wine, beer or a cocktail. Recent titles include “Beartown” and “My Dear Hamilton.”
What happens on Thursday night? If you answered Trivia Night, you’ve scored the first point! Teams go head to head in this friendly competition led by Sandrev. Winners can walk away with a bottle of wine, a six-pack of beer or $10 off their bill.
The Wine Room is packed for its popular wine tastings Pour and Taste every Friday and Saturday nights. For $15 on Fridays and $12 on Saturdays (price difference is because of the added appetizers on Friday), you’ll get a flight of six wines — reds and whites — chosen based on a theme or seasonal influence. 

35840 Chester Road, Avon, 440-937-6544, avonswineroom.com