Residents at Kendal at Oberlin come from 36 states and the District of Columbia. Many are Oberlin College alums, and the proximity of the school allows them to continue that important relationship in later life. All Kendal residents can audit Oberlin classes at no charge and take advantage of the more than 400 cultural events the college offers each year, including those of the Conservatory of Music and the Allen Memorial Art Museum.
Maggie Stark, CEO of Kendal, says it is the “lively intergenerational atmosphere that prevails at Kendal” that allows residents, “a diversified group with talents, abilities and leaderships skills,” to flourish. Residents interact, teach and learn from college students as well as youngsters who are part of the college’s Early Childhood Center. 
“Our values and principles also follow Quaker principals — simplicity, peace, love and community,” says Stark. “Those are principles that people here gravitate to.” 

600 Kendal Drive, Oberlin, 440-775-0094,