FROM A TINY 10-POUND CHIHUAHUA to an enormous 180-pound mastiff, Alex Graham, registered veterinary technician and hydrotherapist, has seen it all splashing around in the hydrotherapy pool at Forever Friends Pet Care Center & Hospital. Graham, who has been working with man’s best friend as a hydrotherapist for almost 10 years, emphasizes that any dog, regardless of breed, size or age, can benefit from the service. 
A realization of the previous owner’s dream, the hydrotherapy pool at Forever Friends opened in 2003 and was one of the first of its kind in the area. The soothing, warm water aids many aging dogs suffering from joint problems and those recovering from surgery by alleviating pressure, providing resistance and facilitating blood flow. “Just being able to exercise allows them to keep muscle and build muscle without the pain that would normally occur with just running around the backyard. They really look forward to coming in,” says Graham. Swim experience does not have to be a precursor for therapy to be successful, as he outfits every patient with a life jacket. 
Paraplegic pups can reap the tremendous benefits of this type of therapy. Even healthy ones, such as sporting and show dogs, can gain the competitive edge they need by taking a dip in the hydrotherapy pool with Graham. 
Not to be left out, owners are encouraged to take part in the fun by playing and being active in their furry friend’s session. 
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