Gina Shaffer, a personal trainer at University Hospitals Avon Health Center, has more than two decades of experience in the world of fitness, specializing in managing the pain that’s often associated with muscle imbalances. We asked her if she had any fitness advice. Turns out, she does. 

1. Consult a professional. “Going to any personal trainer is really worthwhile for someone who’s never worked out. It just takes someone pointing out those imbalances.”
2. Consistency is key. “If you want to lose weight, work out five times a week. If you want to maintain, the minimum is three times a week.”
3. Incorporate lifting and cardio.“Cardiovascular exercise helps you burn fat and pumps your heart, but lifting speeds up your metabolism and can help with pain.”
4. Monitor your eating habits.
“I’ve had a lot of clients achieve success with Weight Watchers. It tricks people into eating right.”
5. Perform stretches and strengthening exercises regularly. “People that really take it to heart and do all the stretches and exercises improve drastically.” 

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