Master Stylist:
Melissa “Mick” McLaughlin,A David Anthony Salon & Spa
The Farrah. The Rachel. The Bieber. When it comes to hairstyle trends, women (and men) often take their cues from celebrities and TV characters. We asked master stylist Melissa “Mick” McLaughlin from A David Anthony Salon & Spa in Lorain to share more of today’s hottest hair trends: 
Color melting. According to McLaughlin, color melting (hair is darker toward the scalp and lighter toward the ends) is all the rage. “You can do it with any color or contrast, and if you keep the darker color close to your natural tone, there is not a lot of maintenance,” she says.
Color blocking. Also low-maintenance is color blocking, which involves creating a layer of dark hair beneath a layer that is a lighter hue.
Red tones. Coming into the fall, red and brown highlights are always popular, McLaughlin says. This year, customers are asking for an edgier violet-red color. For more mature clients, however, she recommends a peek-a-boo hint of the color, rather than an entire head of violet hair.
Long, one-length haircuts with fringe. “Miley (Cyrus) had it for a while,” she says, as did Demi Lovato. Long hair with short bangs works best for the younger generation, she says, whereas with more mature clients should have a little bit of movement around the face, so layers are nice.” 
The swoopy bang. The swoopy (side-swept) bang is huge, McLaughlin says, and works well on just about everyone.
6401 S. Broadway, Lorain, 440-233-8570,

Mary Goetz, The Unicorn Restaurant & Pub
Mary Goetz sparkles behind the bar at the Unicorn Restaurant & Pub, where she has been a creative force and friendly face for 14 years. Goetz got her start tending bar for her parents’ parties and then worked her way through The Ohio State University. A stay-at-home mom of three hockey players, Goetz works a couple of nights a week for what she refers to as a nice night out. “I get to go out and mingle with adults and have a good time. We have a lot of fun. In this day and age, there is less disposable income and more choices of places of where to go spend it. I try to do my best to make my customers want to come back and see me again.”
Goetz shares this recipe for one of her signature drinks at the Unicorn:
PT Cruiser (Pear martini)
2 ounces of pear vodka 
¾ ounces of orange liqueur
Splash of sour mix
Splash of simple syrup
Shake well with ice and serve straight up in a martini glass.
423 Main St., Grafton, 440-926-2621,

Local Male Celebrity:
Al “Bubba” Baker, Bubba’s-Q World Famous BBQ
Don’t be surprised if you see Al “Bubba” Baker passing out barbecue sauce from his truck. Modeling himself after an uncle he calls Daddy Jr., Bubba has been bringing people together with BBQ since retiring from the Cleveland Browns. “BBQ isn’t just a comfort food,” he says, “it brings people to the table.” 820 Center Road, Avon, 440-937-7859,

Local Female Celebrity:

Connie Dieken, president, OnPoint Communication
Connie Dieken spends her days delivering keynote speeches and coaching senior executives around the world. This year, she’s traveled to Shanghai, China; Colombia; and many places in between. “Every presentation is actually three speeches rolled into one,” she says about the art of public speaking. “There’s the one you deliver, the one you wish you had delivered and the one the audience experiences. The third one is the only one that really matters. To give them a great experience, think P and L: prepared and loose.”159 Crocker Park Blvd. #403, Westlake, 440-930-8500,

Eric Petrus, Lorain County Community College
As executive chef of Lorain County Community College dining services, Petrus, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, says his team is “reinventing the campus dining experience,” feeding everyone from students to senators in the college’s busy conference center. “We put a lot of effort into presentation, and we work directly with local Lorain County farms. So if you’re getting a tomato on your salad during the growing season, there’s a good chance that tomato was picked two days ago in the field.”1005 N. Abbe Road, Elyria, 1-800-995-LCCCC,

Personal Trainer:
Gina Shaffer, EMH Center for Health and Fitness 
Alignment and myofascial release are just a couple of the tricks in Gina Shaffer’s gym bag. “When you can teach people how to exercise correctly and feel better, the weight loss comes secondarily,” she says. “I feel like I help people with managing their pain and aging more gracefully. It’s a winning combination for me right now.”1997 Healthway Drive, Avon, 440-988-6801,