Kelly Runser, nail tech manager, A David Anthony Salon and Spa, gives us an inside look at the work behind these great manicures and pedicures.

Most popular nail art: A feather. 
Then it’s seasonal and holiday themed: flags, pumpkins, Santa, trees, anchors and sunflowers.
Trends: Painting the ring fingernail a different color and adding glitter. It’s also popular to do the index fingernail a lighter color than the other two paint colors on the same hand. Adding French tips in colors instead of traditional white is also popular. 
Most popular polish: We Sea Food and Eat It, a bright coral color from OPI.

5 nail technicians
148 Pedicures in July
51 Manicures in July
$38 Pedicure
$38 Gel manicure
6 Men who accounted for those nail treatments: 4 pedicures and 2 manicures (July)

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