WIRL AND WHIRL, PLIÉ AND SAUTÉ — once a week, girls 18 months to 3 years old are executing these very movements as they participate in the princess babies dance class at Miss Jacqui’s Dance. 
Inspiration came 11 years ago when owner Jacqui Ladikos saw the need for an age-appropriate dance curriculum for girls under the age of 3. “I believe the kids could learn that young because I’ve seen it,” says Ladikos. “But I always tell the parents, especially with the babies, I don’t believe in overcorrecting, but, rather, positive reinforcement.” 
Each half-hour session, complete with eight to 10 princesses and two instructors, is designed to build confidence, teach respect and foster creativity — all while slipping in a bit of dance knowledge. Right now, the class is only offered for girls, but moms, dads and even grandparents are welcome to strut alongside their pint-sized princess. Ladikos manages to retain the attention of such tiny tots by incorporating elements like flashcards, parachutes and gymnastics apparatus. She also structures the classes to have a clear beginning, middle and end — with activities requiring focus at the start and a ‘’tutu dance” wrapping up the session. 
Adorned with the keys for success, these little princess babies are sure to evolve into poised dancing queens. 
33491 Lake Road, Avon Lake, 440-320-0537, missjacqui.com