BETWEEN CATERING CONFERENCES and feeding hungry LCCC students, Chef Chase Wilcox is used to cooking for a crowd. But whether you’re cooking for one or 100, there are three things he recommends having on hand in your kitchen.

Good-Quality Chef’s Knife and Butcher Block Cutting Board: 
“Sub-par knives are more dangerous, for one thing, because you’re more likely to cut yourself with one,” Wilcox says. “With a good chef’s knife you can get to any conclusion [prepared meal] that you want. As opposed to if your only knife was a bread knife or a paring knife; you’d be severely limited to what you can do.” As for the cutting board, “it may not be practical for everyone, but for a really functional kitchen a butcher block is key. It’s heavy, doesn’t move around and it’s got a large enough surface to have multiple projects going at once.”

Carbon Steel Pan: “You can achieve great sears on any type of meat. It heats quickly, distributes heat well and goes straight from the fire to the oven.” 

Salt, Pepper, Granulated Garlic: “Even if you have nothing else, with these you can create an edible meal.” 

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