You’ll reel in the flavor with Avon Brewing Co.’s guest favorite — the Sesame Bourbon Salmon. 
A nod to the restaurant’s diverse menu, this dish regularly wows eaters with its visual and culinary appeal. Owner/Executive Chef Brian Weaver deconstructs what makes the dish work. 
37040 Detroit Road, Avon, 440-937-1816,

Salmon – This 6-ounce wild Alaskan salmon is a prime piece of fish, says Weaver. “It is sustainable, chemical-free, high in omega 3, as well as lean and mild.”

Sesame bourbon sauce – Not as complicated as one might think, assures Weaver, who developed the sauce base years ago. With brown sugar, onions, bourbon whiskey, toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil, “it takes on other flavors quite nicely while still standing up to them.” The brown sugar helps the sauce caramelize as the fish is finished in the oven. The toasted sesame seeds and oil help to add a nutty “exotic” taste and feel that Weaver was aiming for on his menu. “We try to have a little something for everyone.”

Sweet potato fries – These beauties add a little color and height to the plate as well as deliver a nice dose of vitamins A and C. “The sweetness plays along well with the two sauces — the sesame bourbon glaze and sriracha aioli — as well as complements the fish.”

Poached asparagus – “We use poached asparagus instead of grilled asparagus as it is more mellow to let the salmon and sesame bourbon sauce stand out.” 

Garnish – the dish has sriracha aioli  on the side and fresh herbs.