Did you ever visit a coffee shop, ask for iced coffee and the barista just poured regular bland coffee over ice cubes in a glass? That won’t happen at Arabica Coffee Bistro. Instead, each batch of rich espresso is cold-brewed 
24 hours and carefully filtered. 
“A fella came in and said he could get a cup of iced coffee cheaper someplace else,” recalls owner Jerry Perch. “I told him to try ours and tell me what he thought. He took a couple sips and told me it was worth every penny.”
Caruso’s Coffee, an internationally known wholesale roaster in Brecksville, creates many of the unique coffees sold at the shop. American Blend is the shop’s “regular” coffee, but it seems almost an insult to call it just “regular.” (Ok, we really know “regular” means it contains caffeine.) Reflections is the popular dark brew and customers can choose flavored drinks such as the Clevelander, made with brown sugar, mango and cinnamon.
Arabica Coffee Bistro also has its own version of bulletproof coffee — 
a high-performance drink touted as brain enhancing. Start with a Peruvian coffee blend, add a tablespoon of grass-fed butter from Ireland plus coconut oil, and blend.
“We have customers who swear 
by it,” says Perch.

254 Park Ave., Amherst, 440-941-0718, arabicaamherst.com