From 2737 B.C. when Shen-nung, the second emperor of China, discovered tea when leaves blew into his cup of hot water, to the English High Tea, to steeping a cup in our homes, tea has been associated with a day spent relaxing. Go to these places to unwind with a top-notch brew.

Vintage House Café and Tea Room
35800 Detroit Road, Avon | 440-937-5830
For the past five years, Vintage House owner Roberta Walker has been serving her guests luxurious teas, including Bourbon Street Vanilla, and herbal/alternative varieties such as South African Rooibos. Tea parties, High Tea, tea luncheons, garden tea parties and children’s teas are regularly scheduled here. “I like to educate my customers about the health aspects of their tea,” says Walker.

30 S. Main St., Oberlin | 440-774-1978
Feve’s drink lineup has included tea since it opened 18 years ago. Of the 12 brews offered, unusual varieties including coconut ginger, vanilla and grapefruit, and strawberry guava have become customer favorites. “Teas have always been popular here,” says bartender Emerald Lagdon.

Tea House Gallery
36840 Detroit Road, Avon | 440-934-1636
Genevieve Larson thinks of Tea House Gallery as “a getaway, a little paradise.” Opened 16 years ago by her father, Ron, the Gallery offers varieties from traditional Earl Grey to fruity and decaffeinated. “We’ve created tea birthday parties for 10-year-olds and 98-year-olds and private parties for the Red Hat [Society] ladies and the Girl Scouts.”