Winter doesn’t signal the end of ice cream season to Oberlin alumnus, professional musician and Cowhaus Creamery owner Josef Bomback. Together with his wife, Debby Krejsa, the company’s marketing point person, this team just might become the next Ben & Jerry’s.  
Bomback is somewhat of an ice cream mad scientist, committed to using local ingredients and making flavors from scratch. He’s a warm, welcoming sort who will gladly provide impromptu tours of his Elyria creamery and admits, “When I see someone take a bite of my ice cream and their eyes roll back and they say, ‘This reminds me of Grandma,’ that’s a wow for me.” 
Here are a few Cowhaus Creamery flavors to try:

Vanilla — There’s nothing ordinary about this staple, which is made with Tahitian vanilla beans and local honey from Honey Bee Treasures in New London.

Apple Cider — With apples fresh from an orchard on Route 113 in Henrietta, the rich flavors are created by cooking down cinnamon and clove.

Strawberry — A staple gone one better thanks to fresh strawberry puree. “I bought a ton of strawberries from Rex Gee’s in Henrietta and will flash-freeze some,” says Bomback.

Lavender Limoncello Sorbet — The secret is in the house-made Limoncello.

Holiday Chocolate Grand Marnier — Grand Marnier is the secret ingredient here.

Butter Pecan — Just like Grandma used to make if she browned her own butter.

Apricot Amaretto Sorbet — Thank Eshleman’s Farm for the plump, juicy flavors of rich apricots. Thank Bomback for the handmade Amaretto.

Blueberry Coffee Buckle — Remember the blueberry coffeecake you ate as a kid? Add some from-scratch cinnamon oat streusel, and that’s the flavor you get in this option. 

Electrical Banana — This intensely-flavored banana-bourbon-bread ice cream striped with banana pudding.