Midway Oh Boy 
The namesake “Oh Boy” — a double-decker sandwich with lettuce, cheese and signature sauce — is the edible tradition that has people flocking to this Elyria favorite when they come home to Lorain County for a visit. 
“If they’ve moved away, when they come back home, that’s something that they come home for,” says Kim Disbrow, daughter of the owners. It’s an unforgettable bite of nostalgia for many who grew up eating the burger platter with shredded salad. 
Patrons can even buy a jar of the addictive mayonnaise sauce and try to recreate the flavors at home, Disbrow says. 
6620 Lake Ave., Elyria, 440-324-3711, midwayohboy.com 

Parker’s Grille & Tavern 
At this upscale, Cheers-style establishment, it’s the one-pound, double bone-in pork chop that brings the flavor of home, says Gerad Gorski, general manager. This 16-ounce beast is marinated in a dark, rich molasses coffee sauce and served with smashed red potatoes.
Those with more Southern hankerings won’t be disappointed with the shrimp and grits. 
“I’ve had a couple guests go on vacation and come back from the Carolinas and say that our shrimp and grits are better than anything they had down there,” Gorski says. 
32858 Walker Road, Avon Lake, 440-933-9400, parkersgrilleandtavern.com

Wolfey’s Bistro & Pub 
The rich and creamy baked macaroni and cheese delivers cozy relief at Wolfey’s, says Brittany Renfrow, event coordinator. Think a bubbling hot concoction of gooey goodness — penne, roasted chicken, bacon and a homemade cheese sauce that puts any boxed macaroni at home to shame. One bite and you’re transported to Grandma’s kitchen table where she effortlessly fed a houseful without a cross word. 
“That’s definitely our most popular dish,” Renfrow says. And if that’s not quite hearty enough, look for the lobster macaroni and cheese that replaces the chicken and bacon with lobster, diced tomatoes and scallions. 
1069 E. Broad St., Elyria, 440-365-9002, wolfeys.com

Wood & Wine 
In the mood for a wood-fired pie? You’ll find an array of Neapolitan and American pizzas featured on the crave-worthy lunch buffet at this casual eatery in Avon. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Saturday, Wood & Wine caters to those looking for a fast, delicious, bottomless mid-day meal of pizza, pasta, soup and salad. 
The all-you-can-eat spread is $9.75 and has a revolving offering of at least three pizzas at any given time, one featured pasta, which could be pierogi, beef ravioli or salmon with Alfredo and penne (to name a few), and one of the chef’s mouth-watering soups such as jalapeno potato cheddar, spicy butternut squash and crowd favorite cream of mushroom, says longtime server Jayne Morales. 
38790 Chester Road, Avon, 440-934-9463, thewoodnwine.com 

Moosehead Grill
From memphis to texas and Kansas City to the Carolinas, restaurants take pride in offering foodies unique spins on barbecuing. At Moosehead Grill, it’s all about best-selling pulled pork and fall-off-the-bone baby back ribs that have been smoked for two days until they are scrumptiously tender. While the melt-in-your-mouth meat dishes are superior and delicious, when paired with the four-cheese adult mac and cheese, a bowlful of it releases a series of endorphins that you’re overworked, overtired self has been craving, especially since the mercury started dropping. 
 “You can get pulled pork or beef brisket on top of the mac and cheese,” says owner David George. “Then we put some of our homemade barbecue sauce on top, and people love it!”
7660 Leavitt Road, Amherst, 440-985-7429, mooseheadbbqgrill.com