Jim Andrews opened Jackalope Lakeside, right on the water in Lorain, when he was only 26 years old. Now, 24 years later, he has rebranded — and reopened this spring as the Erie Steak & Seafood Co.

The menu is new but features some old favorites like prime rib and Lake Erie perch (they sell 350 pounds a week). The space has been revamped, too, with $80,000 worth of improvements, including new flooring and seating.

But the view is still spectacular.

“The nice thing about the way the restaurant is set up is that you can see all the boats and the lighthouse,” Andrews says. “And the sunsets are fantastic.”

The rebranding was spurred by new management at the marina in which the restaurant is located. It’s now operated by Oasis Marinas and has also made significant improvements, including an updated boater lounge with Wi-Fi, laundry facilities, locker rooms, a coffee station and patio.

For Andrews, the timing could not have been worse. He reopened for business as Erie Steak & Seafood Co. just a week or so before the country shut down. The good news is that the restaurant has ample outdoor seating and was able to do decent business this summer.

“I thank God for the weather. We had a fantastic summer,” Andrews says. “We were down probably 20 percent month to month over last year, but I would take that any day of the week right now.”

Andrews is hopeful for the future — and incredibly grateful for his first nearly quarter century in business.

“That’s a long stretch for a restaurant in Lorain,” he says. “I’d just like to thank everybody for all the years of supporting us.”