They know the family, the reputation and importance of community. Those are reasons residents choose Sprenger Healthcare as home for the next chapters in life, says Amy Sanfilippo, vice president of acquisitions and development for the third-generation business with 13 communities, six in Lorain County.

“Most of our staff live and work in the hometowns where we have communities, and a good amount have been with us for 20 or 30 years,” she adds, relating that cousins CEO Nicole Sprenger and COO Michael Sprenger spent their young adult years in the buildings alongside staff — just as they do today.

Socially engaging and packed with amenities, Sprenger Healthcare treats its residents like family, with a goal to provide plenty of activities, outings and programs, Sanfilippo says. For instance, one community organized a trip to see the Barbie movie and have dinner out. Daily happy hours welcome residents and families. Meals are chef designed. “We want them to live their best life,” Sanfilippo says.

Here are some pointers for doing just that and staying sharp.

Eat Smart

“Our meals are reviewed every week by a dietitian, and we choose menu options that keep our residents as healthy as possible,” Sanfilippo says. Beyond the menu, socializing during mealtime provides important engagement that keeps minds active.

Work It Out

Purposeful exercise is targeted toward diagnoses at Sprenger. For example, Amherst Manor offers a specific Parkinson’s Disease-driven program that is open to the public and families, too. Focusing on movement that improves balance is important for everyone as the years pass.

Get Involved

Each Sprenger community connects to a local philanthropic effort the residents select. “Some make homemade dog treats for the APL, others sew blankets for a homeless shelter, and some residents fundraised through a car show and sent the money to a battered women’s shelter,” Sanfilippo shares. “This provides a sense of purpose.” 

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