The wasabi deviled eggs at Foundry Kitchen & Bar in Elyria are packed with mouthwatering flavor — and not
by chance.

The dish, which takes more than a day to execute to creamy perfection, may be better described as a labor of love.

“To make wasabi deviled eggs, it takes almost 30 hours from beginning to end to get that finished product to the table and to the customer,” says Greg Dabran, co-owner of Foundry Kitchen & Bar.

To help us get a better sense of what goes into this tasty dish, Dabran boils down the steps and ingredients.

Eggs: Extra-large eggs are boiled for 12 minutes until the inside of the egg is solid. The eggs are then bathed in ice, cooled, cracked, peeled and cleaned. From there, the eggs are set to marinate for 24 hours.

Marinade: The marinade is created by combining saki pie spice ginger tamari — which is actually a gluten-free soy sauce — and balsamic vinegar.

“The 24-hour marinade allows the anise flavor and the saltiness of the soy from the tamari to penetrate the egg,” Dabran says. “It is also what gives the egg a nice tan color.”

After 24 hours, the eggs are drained, rinsed and cut in half. The yolks are pulled out to be used in the filling.

Filling: The egg yolks, wasabi and various spices are blended together to create a creamy filling. Once the filling has reached a velvety texture, it is carefully piped back into the soft hollow of the egg white.

“The biggest thing to making the wasabi deviled eggs is probably the creaminess and velvetiness of the egg filling itself,” Dabran says. “It really coats your mouth as you’re chewing. That’s when you’re really going to taste the anise and the saltiness of the soy that prevails through.”

Garnish: The eggs are served with rice noodles, which are freshly made in-house, and topped with pancetta, a smattering of chives, a sprinkling of crispy wontons and a dash of sriracha.

“The dish is really a nice combination of flavors and different palates being worked at the same time,” Dabran says. “This is one of the few dishes that we’ve had on our menu since we opened seven years ago. It has definitely been one of our crowd favorites here.”

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