This franchise of the Pittsburgh-based chain finishes every one of its freshly made cake doughnuts to order, right in front of customers’ eyes — once they manage to select them from the 60 varieties available at any one time, that is. Owner Becky Bailey suggests a dozen to try.

Strawberry French Toast
Bailey’s favorite is constructed of maple frosting, cinnamon sugar, strawberry filling and a pinch of powdered sugar.

Apple Pie
Vanilla frosting, cinnamon streusel, a cooked apple slice and caramel-sauce drizzle make this fry cake as American as, well, you know.

Honey Glazed
Another doughnut-shop staple, this one is dunked in a glaze that provides the traditional sweet, smooth exterior.

Maple Bacon
Fried dough confection meets foodie craze with a dip in maple frosting and kiss of real bacon crumble.

Robert Brulee
This play on creme brulee is topped in Bavarian cream, crystallized sugar and caramel, then torched to a golden brown.

Chocolate frosting, toasted coconut and chocolate- and caramel-sauce drizzles approximate the taste of the beloved Girl Scout cookie.

Raspberry Truffle
The chocolate-box-inspired treat is dipped in raspberry frosting, dunked in mini chocolate chips, and finished with a raspberry drizzle.

Salted Pretzel
Salty meets sweet in a cake doughnut sporting chocolate frosting, two mini pretzel sticks, a pinch of sea salt and chocolate drizzle.

Wild Berry Cheesecake
The combination of blueberry frosting, crushed honey graham cracker, a dollop of cream cheese and raspberry drizzle won the shop runner-up honors at this year’s Donut Fest Cleveland.

Cinnamon Sugar
The bestselling classic is rolled in sugar and spice right out of the fryer.

Salted Caramel Macchiato
The caffeine-free sugar rush is provided by mocha frosting, milk-chocolate and white-chocolate curls, a caramel-sauce drizzle and pinch of salt.

Lemon Bar
The well-rounded interpretation of the bakery square features lemon frosting, a dollop of cream cheese and vanilla-streusel crumble.


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