RENOWNED ACTRESS Mackenzie Phillips, perhaps best known for her roles in the ‘70s sitcom “One Day at a Time” and the coming-of-age movie “American Graffiti,” will share her story of fame, addiction and recovery at The LCADA Way’s Pearls of Wisdom Recognition Dinner on Thursday, Oct. 26.
The LCADA Way, which is the largest private nonprofit addiction services agency in Lorain and Medina counties and will soon also serve Erie and Ottawa counties, helps those dealing with drug, alcohol and gambling addictions. 
“The Gala recognizes both internal and external individuals who have made contributions in the field of addiction or those struggling with addiction,” explains LCADA Way president and CEO Thomas D. Stuber.
For instance, as the opioid epidemic emerged in Northeast Ohio, LCADA Way attacked the problem head-on. “At the beginning of the opioid epidemic we put a significant effort into treating people with opioid addiction, but we found the traditional model wasn’t working,” says Stuber. “So, we did a number of things to create an opioid model of care.”
Phillips, whose new book “Hopeful Healing” shares her stories of cocaine and heroin addiction and recovery. Phillips, who is still an actress and is now a recovery counselor in West Hollywood, will share her triumphant journey on Oct. 26 with the LCADA audience. 
“It’s really important for people who don’t have substance abuse disorders to understand who we are,” explains Phillips. “The need to stand up tall and recover out loud and show people we do exist, there is a solution and we do recover.”